The BetterGuard

High-performance ankle brace
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+ Designed to use in game, practice, and training
+ Freedom of movement with smart ankle support
+ Ultra-lightweight, adjustable fit
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Designed to move

  • High-performance ankle brace designed for elite athletes
  • Maximize performance and control with adaptive ankle brace stabilization
  • Designed to wear in games, practice, and training to protect against injury, without limiting freedom of movement
  • Use during injury recovery to return to play

How it works

The BetterGuard is the first of it's kind, smart ankle brace. Unlike traditional rigid or semi-rigid ankle braces, The BetterGuard offers a full range of motion, giving you absolute freedom of movement in an ultra-lightweight ankle brace design. In the event of sudden ankle twisting or rolling, the adaptive technology inside The BetterGuard will instantly stabilize the joint at the moment of impact, giving you intelligent ankle support precisely when you need it.

It's everything you need in an ankle brace to help you dominate the game with less stress and more confidence.

Product Features

  • Advanced freedom of movement and a full range of motion
  • Intelligent ankle protection only activates during critical twisting or rolling movements
  • Maximum performance and high comfort with buttery soft 4-way stretch material
  • Adjustable single-strap closure
  • Sweat-wicking, quick-drying material
  • Ultra-slim design fits inside your shoes - wears like a second skin
The BetterGuard ankle brace uses smart technology to protect you from ankle sprains and strains. Elevate your game with the ultimate lightweight ankle protection system, providing a full range of motion and intelligent ankle support only when you need it.

Customer Reviews

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Brant Ellis
so glad I made the purchase

I was skeptical at first, but so glad I made the purchase. If you're like me you sprain your ankle every year, but refuse to wear an ankle brace because they're so uncomfortable and bulky. This ankle brace is light weight and doesn't stop me from jumping and sprinting. I use to every time I play basketball and volleyball. It's so nice to know it's there when I need it.

Beats Aircast HANDS DOWN

If you're looking for an ankle brace you can play sports in, and something you can wear all day and for weeks or months, this should be the first and last brace you ever purchase. Bluntly stated, I was pleasantly BLOWN AWAY at the quality, fit, and support of The BetterGuard ankle brace after testing it out on the court. I play basketball, tennis, volleyball, and football, and this brace works perfectly through each sport.

The material is clearly above average. Compression fit with a single strap that fits just right. No mystery scratchy spots, open heels, or plastic ridges.

I wasn't entirely sure if these would be a good fit for me because I don't have a long history of ankle injuries, just the occasional roll here or there. The old ankle braces I tried in the past were somehow bulkier while offering less support. I had to go up a shoe size just to fit them inside my shoes. The BetterGuard is not only super slim and comfortable, but it also offers max protection only when I need it.

Long story short, I am super satisfied with this product. HIGHLY recommend.

Protecting Performance

The BetterGuard high-performance ankle brace provides freedom of movement and peace of mind. With the BG POWER as the heart - an intelligent mini-piston - the brace offers you a full range of motion during normal movements. In the event of sudden turning or rolling of the ankle, the mini-piston activates and effectively stabilizes your ankle - 3x faster than your body.

You can put this innovative high-tech brace on quickly and easily with the customizable fastening system, which adapts it to your personal ankle geometry.

The high-quality micro-velcro ensures a long service life, even after repeated washing. It combines good holding power with good handling for readjusting for fit and closure.

Freedom of movement, performance, and comfort combined with stability. The BetterGuard offers a new experience for every sport.

Product story:

Sprains: pain, downtime, a long rehab journey back into the game, and then still more secondary injuries. Whether it's with ourselves, friends, or sports idols - we've all experienced it in different ways - and even once is too often.

Such injuries prevented our founder Vinzenz from pursuing a professional sports career. Commercially available legacy braces offered either too little protection or restricted and limited his body, mind, and performance. Reason enough to bring BETTERGUARDS to life and to create a completely new type of injury prevention together with pioneers from science and technology: The BetterGuard

As part of the NBA Launchpad - the NBA's start-up accelerator - the first proprietary ankle brace was developed in 2022. It has been successfully tested with international research institutions, such as the Charité in Berlin, as well as other institutes and athletes worldwide.

Our goal is to help athletes achieve their best performance. Unhindered by injuries or mental barriers. At BETTERGUARDS our goal is to banish ankle injuries to the history books.