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Ankle brace for hiking

Elevate your hiking experience with The BetterGuard

The ultimate ankle brace for hiking, trail running, and all things outdoors. The BetterGuard is extra lightweight, versatile, and sleekly designed for all-day ankle protection from the streets to the trails.

Combine hiking boots with ankle support

The best ankle support for your hiking shoes

Stop searching for the perfect hiking boots with ankle support, and start conquering any terrain with confidence. The BetterGuard ankle brace is built for adventure, offering the support and stability you need to own the trail. From rugged mountain hikes to technical single-track, experience unrestricted movement and complete peace of mind on every step.

Why we made this

Millions of ankle injuries happen every year

The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society estimates 25,000 people sprain their ankle every day in the U.S. alone. Whether hiking, climbing, trail running, or playing sports — prioritizing proper ankle health and recovery after an injury is crucial for anyone who loves to take the adventure outdoors. Despite the millions of ankle injuries sustained annually, the true incidence may be underestimated, as fewer than half of individuals with ankle sprains seek medical attention from healthcare professionals.


One study found that 70.4% of ankle injuries in hiking were lateral ankle sprains.


An estimated 50% or more of regular runners get injured each year.


An estimated 48.1% of those who injure their ankle hiking will experience long-term residual problems.


We built the best ankle brace for hiking based on science, not tradition

Forget everything you thought you knew about ankle braces. The BetterGuard is engineered with next-level support, keeping you light on your feet and free to explore. We're all about evidence-based innovation, creating a brace that moves with you, not against you. Hit the trail with confidence, knowing science (and a touch of magic) is on your side.


Here's why you'll love The BetterGuard

From pro athletes to weekend warriors, here's — No other hiking ankle brace gives you more

Hiking ankle brace

Foot and ankle mobility

Keep exploring with the only hiking ankle brace that lets you move freely with supportive mobility that won't hold you back.

Hiking ankle support with adaptive ankle stabilizer

Adaptive ankle stability

Lightweight design with dynamic support keeps your ankles happy on uneven surfaces and the roughest terrain. In the event you start to twist or roll, The BetterGuard stabilizes your ankle joint 3x faster than your body.

Hiking ankle brace for sprained ankle recovery

Return to the trail. Faster.

Minor twists and ankle turns can't slow you down. The BetterGuard gives you the mobility and support you need for a faster return to the trail.*

Lightweight ankle support for hiking

Ultra-lightweight performance

The BetterGuard is made with breathable, lightweight compression making it 40% lighter than traditional ankle braces.

Hiking ankle brace with adjustable straps

Adjustable fit

No need to switch between hiking boots and trail running shoes. BetterGuard adjusts perfectly for a comfortable, secure fit inside your favorite footwear.

Hiking ankle support

Adventure approved

From the city to the great outdoors, The BetterGuard can help protect your ankles and keep you exploring the boundaries whether you're a pro athlete or a weekend warrior.

Ankle braces for trail running

Move better. Recover faster.

Push your limits beyond the horizon with trail running ankle support that's made to move


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Best ankle support for hiking and outdoor recreation

Embrace the adventure, ditch the worry.

Experience the comfort and freedom that comes with wearing an ankle brace for hiking that won't slow you down.


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Betterguards Wins Sports Technology Award for Best Injury Prevention and Recovery Technology; Launches Ankle Brace Sales in the U.S. Market

Betterguards Wins Sports Technology Award for Best Injury Prevention and Recovery Technology; Launches Ankle Brace Sales in the U.S. Market

Bringing game-changing innovation to U.S. athletes, backed by NBA stars Franz and Moe Wagner and industry experts

*Comparison of an adaptive ankle brace to conventional taping for rehabilitation of acute ankle injury in young sub-elite soccer players: a pilot study, Krobholz D et al. Accepted for publication by JSR